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edX Insider is a small module on one of the core aspects of the pedagogy I designed the MITx platform around: constructive learning. My plan is to pilot the course within edX. Depending on success, I may go in several directions with it:

  • Drop it.
  • Improve it.
  • Turn it into a full training course for new Open edX developers.
  • Turn it into a full training course for new edX employees.
  • Turn it into an optional pedagogy course for instructors teaching on edX.

All course materials are available under the AGPL license. The source of the course is XML, the video files, and other static assets (mostly contained in this repo, but also available from Youtube with a downloader as MP4 files or similar; if you want to grab them, use the RSS grabber script in the edxml-tools repo). The platform it links to is available in the edx/edx-platform repo.