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This repository has some tools for manipulating edXML. Specifically, at this point, it has one tool:

This tool started with a chunk of code from Chris Terman which took the Studio-exported XML and put it all in one big file. It was something a human could edit without pulling teeth quite as much. Neat!

I took this, and modified it to, as much as possible, strip out Studio-generated IDs and replace them with human-readable slugs. If you export a course, run this tool over it, and import it back in, you'll notice a few changes:

  1. Unit identifiers in Studio will mostly be human-readable. instead of something like 'cdba7b0a6ea548bc9df43b17c560b6cc', you'll see something like 'Create_a_few_problems'.
  2. As a corollary, Analytics, data exports, gradebooks, etc. will become much more human-friendly.
  3. Forums will have discussion targets set.

Note that you should never do this to a running course. Changing the IDs will, in fact, cause the system to forget all the work your students did. However, doing this before a course rerun will make your life much easier.

This code is not bombproof.

  1. You should check and double-check the output before this hits students.
  2. Studio is a bit broken in how it handles drafts/public versions in imports/exports. Studio has a horrible hack, which this code does not support. Make everything public before exporting.

This code does save a mapping between your old URL names and new ones in the static directory. This will make it possible to compare analytics and similar between runs.


edX: Tools for manipulating edXML/OLX, including converting it to human-friendly format, making podcasts, etc.







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