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Kingdom of Loathing Rune Puzzle Solver

Welcome, adventurer!

I provide two tools to help solve the dwarven rune puzzle. Both of these are quite crude, untested, and so on (they are, to the best of my knowledge, first-to-market, however). Caveat emptor!

Not an adventurer? Don't know what the rune puzzle is? Well guess what, neither do I. Apparently it's a puzzle in an online game I solved at some point. Apparently people were using my tools occassionally still. And in a web site migration, I decided to move this from my server to github, since that's where all the cool kids seem to play these days.

The word rune tool is a static HTML page (words.html) to help you keep track of which rune means what. As you visit the warehouse, simply check off the possibilities, and remove the remaining possibilities. When you're done, simply print to file from Firefox. You're best off using it from

The Digit rune tool is a small solver for the equations from the dormitory. This tool requires a C compiler to use. Known bugs: Doesn't handle the special case of paired zeros (easy to add, so I'll probably add this soon). Not in Python. Not distributed as an executable (you need to compile it yourself -- this is easy on GNU/Linux, but hard for typical Windows users -- I might make an executable next time I'm near a Windows box with VisualStudio).

Instructions for how to solve the puzzles are at:

This is all in the public domain. Goodness knows I'll never look at it again.


Probably obsolete: A solver for the Rune puzzle in the online game Kingdom of Loathing






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