Library: Additional Python log handlers for sending logs to a range of places, such as AWS SNS, AWS SQS
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Additional handlers for Python logging (Lambda, AWS SNS, AWS SQS).

  • Lambda handler is a generic handler to which one can pass a function which is called to handle log events.
  • AWS SNS and SQS handlers will pipe to the respective services. As of this writing, SQS will handle around 60 requests per second per thread, while SNS while handle around 30 (linear scaling confirmed up to 10 threads).
  • Failsafe handler is a way of wrapping a handler in such a way that it won't take down your system. If a handler throws an exception, that exception is passed to a fallback handler. If a handler takes more than some period of time (e.g. http handler with the server backlogged), that handler is taken out of the pool for a while. This uses threads. Throughput with threads is 680-4500 calls per second on a T2400 (a laptop CPU from 2006).

To install, run:

python install

Note that the AWS handlers require boto. We explicitly do not include this in requirements.txt. As the list of services grows, we would prefer to only require packages installed for the specific services used.