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Amazon S3 has rather high latency, so bulk downloads in a single thread are rather slow. This will quickly download all of the files in an S3 bucket by launching a large number of threads to go to S3 in parallel. Files will be downloaded in order by size (from smallest to biggest), so download speed by # of files will slow down, while by MB will speed up. .

Usage: [-h] [--workers N] [--prefix prefix] <s3 bucket>

Optionally, you can specify a number of worker threads. By default, this is 100. Optionally, you can specify a prefix, if you would just like to grab a subdirectory from a bucket. Just be aware S3 is a little finicky about trailing slashes.

I've used this many times, and this code works for me. It is not well tested, and so it might not work for you. If you run into issues, give me a pull request. The biggest bucket I've tested on was 1 terabyte/15,000 files.

It is designed to handle large numbers of small files. For small numbers of large files, there may be better tools. I don't do parallel multigets within a single file.

Things to be aware of:

  • When things fail, error messages are not always all that useful.
  • If a single file fails, it will tell you, but it won't retry.
  • Your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID/AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY must be set correctly.
  • I want to be able to use it to update filesystems, so it will silently pass over files which already exist. If there is a size mismatch, it will tell you. I don't do anything more fancy like comparing hashes. For my application, hashing many files would be speed-prohibitive. If you don't like this behavior, either feel free to do a PR which adds a flag, or just download to an empty directory.


  • Python 2.7
  • boto

If a download is interrupted, s3clone will mostly resume, but the files which were halfway done will stick around in their half-finished state (I don't like overwriting things by default). If you would like to flush them, this magic incantation should do it (modulo typos?):

# Run s3clone to detect mismatched size files
python edx-all-tracking-logs|tee mismatch
# Grab the filenames
cat mismatch |grep Size | cut -d: -f1 > mm
# Verify the filenames
less mm
# Remove them
cat mm |xargs rm



Utility: A high speed downloader for copying files from S3 buckets in parallel




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