Probably obsolete: One of many repos constituting a project to make edX work off-line. Most of the useful stuff is now in other repos
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x2go is a project to develop a low-cost platform for use of edX in off-line settings.

Installing Open edX on the Intel NUC:

  • Step 1: Configure the BIOS

  • Step 2: Download Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit server. dd it to a USB stick, and install it

  • Step 3: Install Open edX

  • Step 4: Install extra configuration from x2go configuration /ansible-playbook local.yml -i ',' -c local -e

  • Step 5: Create an account (via web interface), and make it into an active superuser:

    #mysql use edxapp update auth_user set is_active=1, is_staff=1, is_superuser=1 where username='pmitros';

  • Step 6: Install x2go packages

  • Step 7: Load courses

This project has been through a few reboots. See version history if you care.