edX: A self assessment XBlock for the edX Platform which allows students to submit and self-grade freeform text.
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Submit and Compare XBlock

This XBlock provides a way to do an ungraded self assessment activity. It is useful for synthesis questions, or questions which require the student to answer in her own words. After the student submits her answer, she is able to see the instructor's answer, and compare her answer to the expert answer.

Completed Question


To install the Submit and Compare XBlock within your edX python environment, simply run this command:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Enabling in Studio

Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and set Advanced Module List to ["submit-and-compare"].

Advanced Module List


Once the Submit and Compare XBlock is enabled in Studio, you should see it a new Component button labeled Advanced:

Component Buttons

Click the Advanced button and you should see the Submit and Compare XBlock listed:

Advanced Component List

After you've selected the Submit and Compare XBlock, a default question will be inserted into your unit:

Default Question


The question and expert answer can both be customized by clicking the Edit button on the component:

Studio View Studio View

The Submit and Compare XBlock uses a simple XML-based structure as shown below:

<submit_and_compare schema_version='1'>
	<body>Insert the question here.  You can include html tags like <p>, <img>, etc.</body>
	<explanation>Insert the expert answer here.  You can include html tags like <p>, <img>, etc.</explanation>
		<hint>Here you can include hints for the student</hint>
		<hint>Here is another hint</hint>