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PMIx Standard v2.1

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The v2.1 update includes clarifications and corrections, plus addition of examples:

  • Clarify description of PMIx_Connect and PMIx_Disconnect APIs.
  • Explain that values for the PMIX_COLLECTIVE_ALGO are environment-dependent
  • Identify the namespace/rank values required for retrieving attribute-associated information using the PMIx_Get API
  • Provide definitions for session, job, application, and other terms used throughout the document
  • Clarify definitions of PMIX_UNIV_SIZE versus PMIX_JOB_SIZE
  • Clarify server module function return values
  • Provide examples of the use of PMIx_Get for retrieval of information
  • Clarify the use of PMIx_Get versus PMIx_Query_info_nb
  • Clarify return values for non-blocking APIs and emphasize that callback functions must not be invoked prior to return from the API
  • Provide detailed example for construction of the PMIx_server_register_nspace input information array
  • Define information levels (e.g., session vs job) and associated attributes for both storing and retrieving values
  • Clarify roles of PMIx server library and host environment for collective operations
  • Clarify definition of PMIX_UNIV_SIZE