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PMIx Standard v3.1

@rhc54 rhc54 released this
· 456 commits to master since this release
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The v3.1 update includes clarifications and corrections from the v3.0 document:

  • Direct modex upcall function (pmix_server_dmodex_req_fn_t) cannot complete atomically as the API cannot return the requested information except via the provided callback function
  • Fix typo in name of PMIX_FWD_STDDIAG attribute
  • Correctly identify the information retrieval and storage attributes as ``new'' to v3 of the standard
  • Add missing pmix_data_array_t definition and support macros
  • Add a rule divider between implementer and host environment required attributes for clarity
  • Add PMIX_QUERY_QUALIFIERS_CREATE macro to simplify creation of pmix_query_t qualifiers
  • Add PMIX_APP_INFO_CREATE macro to simplify creation of pmix_app_t directives
  • Add new attributes to specify the level of information being requested where ambiguity may exist
  • Add new attributes to assemble information by its level for storage where ambiguity may exist
  • Add flag and PMIX_INFO_IS_END macro for marking and detecting the end of a pmix_info_t array
  • Clarify that PMIX_NUM_SLOTS is duplicative of (a) PMIX_UNIV_SIZE when used at the session level and (b) PMIX_MAX_PROCS when used at the job and application levels, but leave it in for backward compatibility.
  • Clarify difference between PMIX_JOB_SIZE and PMIX_MAX_PROCS
  • Clarify that PMIx_server_setup_application must be called per-job instead of per-application as the name implies. Unfortunately, this is a historical artifact. Note that both PMIX_NODE_MAP and PMIX_PROC_MAP must be included as input in the info array provided to that function. Further descriptive explanation of the ``instant on'' procedure will be provided in the next version of the PMIx Standard.
  • Clarify how the PMIx server expects data passed to the host by pmix_server_fencenb_fn_t should be aggregated across nodes, and provide a code snippet example