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This is a bug fix release in the v2.0 series

2.0.3 -- 5 Mar 2018

**** NOTE: PMIx_Get in PMIx v2.x will fail when requesting information
**** on any process whose nspace has not yet been registered with the
**** PMIx server

  • Fix event notification so all sides of multi-library get notified
    of other library's existence
  • Update syslog protection to support Mac High Sierra OS
  • Remove usock component - unable to support v1.x clients due
    to datatype differences
  • Cleanup security handshake
  • Cleanup separation of PMI-1/2 libraries and PMIx symbols
  • Protect against overly-large messages
  • Update data buffer APIs to support cross-version operations
  • Protect receive callbacks from NULL and/or empty buffers as this
    can occur when the peer on a connection disappears.
  • Fix tool connection search so it properly descends into the directory
    tree while searching for the server's contact file.
  • Fix store_local so it doesn't reject a new nspace as that can happen
    when working with tools
  • Ensure we always complete PMIx_Finalize - don't return if something
    goes wrong in the middle of the procedure
  • Fix several tool connection issues
  • Fix a mismatch in data type on an MCA param


870f6aa5850f5837dc5494cf0c766bb48bca1abd  pmix-2.0.3-1.src.rpm
8411852f40f11ea94a02d566a9b393fdd9993c45  pmix-2.0.3.tar.bz2
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