@rhc54 rhc54 released this Jul 6, 2018 · 418 commits to master since this release

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This is a bug fix release in the v2.1 series:

  • Added PMIX_VERSION_RELEASE string to pmix_version.h
  • Added PMIX_SPAWNED and PMIX_PARENT_ID keys to all procs
    started via PMIx_Spawn
  • Fixed faulty compares in PMI/PMI2 tests
  • Fixed bug in direct modex for data on remote node
  • Correctly transfer all cached job info to the client's
    shared memory region upon first connection
  • Fix potential deadlock in PMIx_server_init in an error case
  • Fix uninitialized variable
  • Fix several memory and file descriptor leaks


6b925e3fd563caea029c38e527aa6504f84f19dc  pmix-2.1.2.tar.bz2
d6b471a73ff40c2bd35698c0cbd92cc1e1424b49  pmix-2.1.2.tar.gz
59c8ea7540e4765a686ea97705053e81535b06cf  pmix-2.1.2-1.src.rpm