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This is the start of a new release series based on the PMIx v3 standard.

**** NOTE: This release implements the complete PMIX v3.0 Standard
**** and therefore includes a number of new APIs and features. These
**** can be tracked by their RFC's on the community website:
**** https://pmix.org/pmix-standard.

  • Added blocking forms of several existing APIs:
    • PMIx_Log
    • PMIx_Allocation_request
    • PMIx_Job_control
    • PMIx_Process_monitor
  • Added support for getting/validating security credentials
    • PMIx_Get_credential, PMIx_Validate_credential
  • Extended support for debuggers/tools
    • Added IO forwarding support allowing tools to request
      forwarding of output from specific application procs,
      and to forward their input to specified target procs
    • Extended tool attributes to support synchronization
      during startup of applications. This includes the
      ability to modify an application's environment
      (including support for LD_PRELOAD) and define an
      alternate fork/exec agent
    • Added ability for a tool to switch server connections
      so it can first connect to a system-level server to
      launch a starter program, and then reconnect to that
      starter for debugging purposes
  • Extended network support to collect network inventory by
    either rolling it up from individual nodes or by direct
    query of fabric managers. Added an API by which the
    host can inject any rolled up inventory into the local
    PMIx server. Applications and/or the host RM can access
    the inventory via the PMIx_Query function.
  • Added the ability for applications and/or tools to register
    files and directories for cleanup upon their termination
  • Added support for inter-library coordination within a process
  • Extended PMIx_Log support by adding plugin support for new
    channels, including local/remote syslog and email. Added
    attributes to query available channels and to tag and
    format output.
  • Fix several memory and file descriptor leaks


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