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Node.js module C++ method wrapper

When writing Node.js modules in C++, it's nice to let C++ class instances correspond to JS objects directly, and being able to call C++ class methods from JavaScript. Boxing and unboxing V8's "arguments" object, along with type checking, etc. is pretty tedious, however, and leads to a lot of boilerplate code.

This library is an attempt to do all the checking and boxing/unboxing automatically. The samples/simple module shows some more supported types, but here's an excerpt to whet your appetite. This is literally all you need to export the C++ method StringTest() as a "stringTest" method on each "Simple" object:

#include "node-method-wrap.hpp"

class Simple : public ObjectWrap
  // ...
  std::string name;
  // ...
  std::string StringTest(const char* a, const std::string& b, v8::Local<v8::String> c)
    std::string concat = name;
    concat += a;
    concat += b;
    v8::String::Utf8Value c_utf8(c);
    concat += *c_utf8;
    return concat;
  // ...
  // In init code:
  NODE_SET_WRAPPED_PROTOTYPE_METHOD(s_ct /* JS constructor function */, "stringTest", Simple::StringTest);
  // ...

Limitations/To Do

In order to do the type conversions and checking, some fairly heavy metaprogramming is required in the library itself. To keep this to a minimum, the Boost type traits library is used (headers only). Moreover, for the NODE_SET_WRAPPED_PROTOTYPE_METHOD macro to work, the typeof operator is required (so GCC and compatible only), though it's possible to work around this, if necessary. I'm unaware of anyone using anything other than GCC to build node.js modules, though.

At the moment, only member functions are supported, and only those with 0, 1, 2 or 3 arguments. Adding support for more arguments is trivial, though, and support for static functions should be easy, too. Only arithmetic types, C++ strings and C strings are currently auto-boxed/unboxed, and void return types don't work yet. Overloading, optional arguments, varargs and null don't work yet, either, but seem doable if needed.

I'm also planning to implement an auto-async-mechanism for wrapping functions in threads and invoking a callback on completion.


MIT License.


Cloudkick's node.js module writing guide helped me get up to speed with node.js's C++ bindings.


C++ method wrapper for Node.js modules






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