The famous, carefully harmonized themes loved by thousands. Use them and you'll no longer feel coding the way you did before. It'll become a candy for you.
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Kary Pro Colors

Pro Colors is a theme designed in the most careful manners for harmony and happy looking. The idea is to have a theme that looks pretty and reminds you of candy, has harmony in it's look, changes the feel of programming to something completely different and is fairly professional. You can read more about the philosophy behind the design of Pro Colors in this blog post by Pouya Kary.


Supported Platforms

  • Visual Studio Code
    Code is the platform in which the theme build on and therefore it remains the platform with support for 100% of the features and has the most harmony.
    → Get Pro Colors for Code

  • macOS Terminal
    A minimum version of Pro Colors is provided for the macOS Terminal with exact configurations of VS Code's Terminal.
    → Get Pro Colors for macOS Terminal

  • Pythonista
    Pythonista is a great IDE for phone but it does not offer much customization. A bare minimum version of Pro Colors Minimal Edition is available for Pythonista that while covering a very minimum of Pro Colors Spec offers a great look on Pythonista
    → Get Pro Colors "Bare Minimal Dark" for Pythonista

First-class Language Support

Pro Colors supports a big range of languages very good. It fully implements the TextMate's tmTheme colors so all of the languages are supported, but Pro Colors provides first-class support for these languages, First-class support means that Pro Colors has custom coloring for all the tokens and grammars of these languages, all the colors of these languages are designed in such that for the most combinations of code they look harmonized.

Name Token Coverage Grammar Provider Grammar Quality (Token Coverage)
AppleScript Full Jan T. Sott High
Arendelle Full Kary High
Bash Full Microsoft Very Low
C Full Microsoft High
C# Full Microsoft Normal
C++ Full Microsoft High
F# Known Tokens Microsoft Very Low
Fish Shell Full Kary Good
GLSL Full @stef-levesque High
Make Known Tokens Microsoft Very Low
Go Full Microsoft High
Haskell Known Tokens Justus Adam Very Low
Haxe Full vshaxe High
HTML Full Microsoft High
JavaScript Full Microsoft High
Jison Full Kary High
JSON Full Microsoft High
KaryScript Full Kary High
LESS Full Microsoft High
Markdown Full Microsoft High
Nearely Full Kary High
Pageman Full Kary Very Good
PEG.js Full Tobias Kahlert High
PHP Full Microsoft Very Good
Python Full Microsoft Very Low
Ruby Full Microsoft Low
SCSS Full Microsoft High
TypeScript Full Microsoft High
XML Full Microsoft High
Yaml Full Microsoft High