HTML, Markdown and Legend mixer that Loves Jekyll and Kary Comments.
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At Kary Foundation we use a very rich stack to build web. We use higher languages like TypeScript and Less. And templating via Jekyll. However when it comes to writing content it gets hard. We use Markdown for normal content and Legend for side commenting.

When it comes to having markdown, html and legend fixed together it really gets hard. Also HTML comments are horrible. As the foundation with most prestige on code management via commenting we need to have a C-family style of commenting so that we can bring Kary Comments into our document files.

In order to have all the said factors we developed Pageman. A base that lets you mixup all these languages with kary comments. This is a file made possible with pageman's preprocess:


Simply install the pageman with npm

% npm install -g pageman

Editor support

Kary Foundation provides a Pageman Language Support Extension for Visual Studio Code that you can use to highlight Pageman code.


If you specify any file it will build just the said files

% pageman yourfile.kfml something.kfml

However you can also build the the whole directory by just typing

% pageman

And you can run a watching server with

% pageman -w


If you're using legend commentings in your website please make sure you have these CSS classes defined.