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Have you ever thought that maybe someday a stack be your friend? Today it is!
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What the hell is this?

Okay okay it's easy to expalin: stackly is like nothing you've EVER seen (the marketing version...)! but the right one: Have it ever happened to you that you're doing something and then a new activity pops up and you have to do that and when you finish it you start wondering what the hell I was doing before it? Okay as programmers we know that the best answer to this is a stack... and well stackly is exactly a stack that you use to say what you were doing!

How to install it?

% npm install -g stackly

And then how?

Imagine you're doing activity A, you have to say that to are doing A by pushing it to the stack:

% stackly push

Now activity B happens, You push the B to the stack (like before another stack push) and then you do the B, when the B is done you do:

% stackly pop

And then you use the stackly command without any args:

% stackly

to see what you were doing. And it gives you a stack as:

% stackly

 1 ✣ A

And then you know that you have to do A. Just that simple.

And if you wanted to reset the whole thing use:

% stackly clean