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@echo off
TITLE PocketMine-MP server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition
cd /d %~dp0
if exist bin\php\php.exe (
set PHPRC=""
set PHP_BINARY=bin\php\php.exe
) else (
set PHP_BINARY=php
if exist PocketMine-MP.phar (
set POCKETMINE_FILE=PocketMine-MP.phar
) else (
echo PocketMine-MP.phar not found
echo Downloads can be found at
exit 1
if exist bin\mintty.exe (
start "" bin\mintty.exe -o Columns=88 -o Rows=32 -o AllowBlinking=0 -o FontQuality=3 -o Font="Consolas" -o FontHeight=10 -o CursorType=0 -o CursorBlinks=1 -h error -t "PocketMine-MP" -i bin/pocketmine.ico -w max %PHP_BINARY% %POCKETMINE_FILE% --enable-ansi %*
) else (
REM pause on exitcode != 0 so the user can see what went wrong
%PHP_BINARY% -c bin\php %POCKETMINE_FILE% %* || pause