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Basic usage

Starting the server

  • Linux/MacOS: run ./
  • Windows: Double-click start.cmd, or open PowerShell in the server directory and run .\start.ps1.

Setup Wizard

The first time PocketMine-MP starts, it launches a setup wizard.

The setup wizard will allow you to choose a language, and guide you through setting up basic information about your new server, like its name, the server port, etc.


You'll be asked to accept the terms of PocketMine-MP's license. You can read the full text of the license on GitHub.


You can skip the setup wizard by passing --no-wizard to, start.cmd or start.ps1.

Stopping the server

To stop the server, simply type stop in the console and press enter.


Do NOT click the X to stop the server. You could lose data or your data might get corrupted.