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PocketMine-MP may crash for a number of reasons:

  • Bad / faulty plugins.
  • Running out of memory due to not enough or memory leak.
  • Bugs within the PocketMine-MP which are unrecoverable.

In all of the above cases, a crashdump file will be generated in the crashdumps folder of your server.

Reporting a crash

Crash reports are automatically submitted to our Crash Archive if your server is connected to the internet.

If successful, you will see a message like this in the server log: [18:34:15] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: The crash dump has been automatically submitted to the Crash Archive. You can view it on or use the ID #5555.

If you want to submit a crash report manually, you can do so at the submit page.

Crashdumps are searched and investigated regularly by the development team, so it is not necessary to submit an issue if your crashdump is in the Crash Archive. Nonetheless, you can create one anyway at the issues page if you want to give us extra information or draw our attention to the issue.


If you want to opt-out of automatic crashdump submission, you can disable it using the auto-report.enabled setting in your pocketmine.yml.


When reporting a crash in PocketMine-MP, a crashdump file must be provided or we will not be able to help you.

What's in a crashdump file?

Crashdumps are .log files which contain important information which is used to identify, reproduce, and fix bugs. They contain human-readable information about the crash (the top part) and a machine-readable part which is used by our Crash Archive.

A crashdump may contain the following information:

  • Error message, file name, line number and error type
  • A stack trace of the error, which helps identify where the crash happened
  • A sample of code around the site of the crash, which helps to identify where the crash happened
  • Information about your operating system version and hardware (such as CPU model)
  • List of plugins installed on the server
  • Version of PocketMine-MP which you are using
  • The contents of your pocketmine.yml and file (sensitive information like passwords are redacted)


You can fine-tune what information is placed in crashdumps in your pocketmine.yml file under the auto-report section.