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Build performant 3D user interfaces for
threejs using R3F and yoga.

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Perfect for games, XR (VR/AR), and any web-based Spatial Computing App.

npm install three @react-three/fiber @react-three/uikit

What does it look like?

A simple UI with 2 containers horizontally aligned, rendered in fullscreen. When the user hovers over a container, the container's opacity changes. render of the above code
import { createRoot } from 'react-dom/client'
import React from 'react'
import { Canvas } from '@react-three/fiber'
import { Fullscreen, Container } from '@react-three/uikit'

    <Fullscreen flexDirection="row" padding={10} gap={10}>
      <Container flexGrow={1} backgroundOpacity={0.5} hover={{ backgroundOpacity: 1 }} backgroundColor="red" />
      <Container flexGrow={1} backgroundOpacity={0.5} hover={{ backgroundOpacity: 1 }} backgroundColor="blue" />

How to get started

Some familiarity with react, threejs, and @react-three/fiber, is recommended.

Get started with building your first layout, take a look at our examples to see uikit in action, or learn more about:

Pre-styled component kits

We provide multiple kits containing themable pre-styled components. Inspired by shadcn, you can use our CLI to install the source code of any component to your desired location with one command.

For example, to add the button from the default kit, run: npx uikit component add default Button


based on Shadcn


inspired by AVP
Overview over all default components Overview over all apfel components
View All Components View All Components
npx uikit component add default Button npx uikit component add apfel Button

Migration guides


This project is supported by a few companies and individuals building cutting edge 3D Web & XR experiences. Check them out!

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