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Updated Feb 27, 2019

Issues related to missing or incorrect documentation.

High-priority Features

Updated Jul 1, 2019

High-priority features. Mainly those related to ECP, but other related features are included too.

Low-priority Features

Updated May 30, 2019

Features that are not explicitly tracked for project milestones.


Updated Jan 17, 2019

Issues related to PMI and Hydra, mainly. But it also includes issues related to other process managers and job launchers, sometimes.

General Code Improvements

Updated Jul 1, 2019

General code improvements that are not explicit features, as such.

Bugs and Build failures

Updated Jul 3, 2019

Bugs and Build failures, either showing up on jenkins or from external users.

Intel Work

Updated Jul 19, 2019

Used by the Intel team to track the various PRs being upstreamed to MPICH.

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