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Please make sure you are running a version of Alfresco that the Bulk Import Tool has been developed for. As of the time of writing, this means Alfresco v5.0 or v5.1. For earlier versions of Alfresco, please use a v1.x release of the tool.

Testing and PRs (if needed) for newer versions are gratefully appreciated - note that if you're running on v6+ you'll need to modify the module.repo.version.max setting or MMT will refuse to install the AMP. YMMV!

You also need to be running at least JDK 1.7 (the tool uses Java 1.7 features and will not function on earlier versions), and JDK 1.8 is recommended. Oracle no longer provides public updates for JDK 1.7 or earlier, so unless you have a commercial support contract with Oracle you're at risk of serious security exposures if you're still using JDK 1.7 (or earlier). Finally, Alfresco no longer supports older versions of Java anyway.

Installation Steps

To install the Alfresco Bulk Import Tool:

  1. Download the latest AMP file from the project's release page
  2. Shutdown your Alfresco instance
  3. Make a backup of the original alfresco.war file. For a default Tomcat installation, this is located in ${ALFRESCO_HOME}/tomcat/webapps
  4. Use the Alfresco Module Management Tool (MMT) to install the AMP file downloaded in step 1
  5. Restart Alfresco, watching the log carefully for errors

Note: the embedded fork is unaffected by this operation - the two editions of the tool co-exist side-by-side.

Validating the Install

If the AMP file has been installed successfully, you will be able to browse to http://<alfrescohost>:<alfrescoport>/alfresco/s/bulk/import and see the tool's initiation UI. If you have default local install of Alfresco this would be: http://localhost:8080/alfresco/s/bulk/import

A 404 error with the message Script url /bulk/import does not map to a Web Script. indicates that the AMP was not installed properly - check the MMT output and Alfresco logs for more information.

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