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tav_for_rails is a library that let's you save time when creating a new Rails application. It configures common (and not so common) gems and plugins for you. New configurations can be added by adding your code into the gems lib directory.

It's at a higher abstraction level than Rails' templates so you have to write even less code. My plan for the future is to use the templates language to implement tav_for_rails' methods.

You must regard it as alpha software.



  • Configures these well known plugins and gems:

    • aasm, rubyist version

    • get_text, mutoh version

    • restful_authentication

    • tz_info

    • will_paginate

    • hoptoad

  • It also includes some other libraries that the author has built and used in its own projects along the years:

    • migration_helpers, add and remove foreign_keys from migrations

    • verbose_logging, extra info in the log files

    • stack_dump, log the location of errors in rescued exceptions

    • log_filtering, assists in filtering params out of log files

    • emacs_tags, rake task to generate the TAGS file for emacs


  • Tested on Linux with ruby 1.8.7

  • It should work on a Mac

  • Probably it won't work on Windows but porting should not be overly difficult



Creating a new Rails application

Create a file like this one

require "rubygems"
require "tav_for_rails"

include TavForRails

rails = TavForRails::Project.create("my_project", :rails_version => "2.3.4", :database => "postgresql")
rails.add "GetText", :project => "my_project", :version => "2.0.4", :default_language => "en", :languages => ["en", "it"]
rails.add "WillPaginate"
rails.add "Aasm"
rails.add "TzInfo"
rails.add "Hoptoad", :api_key => "1234567890" # use your key
rails.add "RestfulAuthentication"
rails.add "EmacsTags"
rails.add "VerboseLogging"
rails.add "MigrationHelpers"
rails.add "StackDump"
rails.add "LogFiltering"

The create method generates a Rails application in the my_project directory. The add methods install the gems, plugins and libraries passed as argument, configure Rails to start it up and may also create the database tables they need. For example rails.add "RestfulAuthentication" generates and runs a migration to create the users table for restful_authentication.

Adding to an existing application

Don't call create but just new

rails = TavForRails::Project.new("my_project")
rails.add "WillPaginate"

new doesn't run rails again to create the project so your files don't risk getting overwritten. However rails asks for confirmation when it has to change an existing file so there isn't much to be risked by calling the wrong method.

Adding support for the_gem_i_need

tav_for_rails doesn't support yet every single gem, plugin and library but includes a simple way to add support for new ones.

Writing a plugins

Go to the gem directory, maybe /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/tav_for_rails-0.1.0. To add support for the_gem_i_need (it could be a plugin or anything), create a lib/the_gem_i_need directory and a the_gem_i_need.rb file in it. You just created a plugin.

For your plugin to work you need to create a class with one public method: add(options = {}). The options argument is not used internally by tav_for_rails but it comes handy if you need to pass configuration data to set up the_gem_i_need.

class the_gem_i_need
  def add(options = {})
    # your code here

Using the Utils methods

The rdoc about TavForRails describes some utility methods you should use to install files into the Rails directories and to update configuration files. You probably want to check lib/get_text/get_text.rb or lib/restful_authentication/restful_authentication.rb They provide pretty complete examples of how to use the tav_for_rails internal API to configure a Rails application. The hoptoad and migration_helpers plugins are good examples of simpler configurtion. Just remeber that any file you need to copy in a Rails directory using tav_for_rails utility methods must go into the files directory of your plugin.

Why this tav_for_rails name?

TAV is the Italian high speed train whih saves hours travelling between Italian cities. tav_for_rails does the same, saving you uninteresting hours spent installing and configuring plugins and gems (and possibly figuring out what you made wrong) whenever you start a new Rails project. The ease of quickly getting a properly configured application with all the plugins you like to use can make the difference between starting a new project as soon as you have an interesting idea or delaying it to another day.

And yes, many countries have high speed trains en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-speed_rail_by_country but I happen to live in Italy so you'll forgive me if I named this library after our one :-)


tav_for_rails is (C) 2009 Paolo Montrasio and is licensed under the GPLv3 licence (See the file 'COPYING'.)

The files in the /files directory of the plugins in the /lib directory may have their own licence. In that case they are included in tav_for_rails only for convenience and are not covered by its license.


Paolo Montrasio <paolo.montrasio at connettiva.eu>

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