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A quickstart for making a new Open Service Broker
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OSB Starter Pack

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A go quickstart for creating service brokers that implement the Open Service Broker API based on osb-broker-lib. Broker authors implement an interface that uses the same types as the go-open-service-broker-client project.

Who should use this project?

You should use this project if you're looking for a quick way to implement an Open Service Broker and start iterating on it.


You'll need:

If you're using Helm to deploy this project, you'll need to have it installed in the cluster. Make sure RBAC is correctly configured for helm.

Getting started

You can go get this repo or git clone it to start poking around right away.

The project comes ready with a minimal example service that you can easily deploy and begin iterating on.

Get the project

$ go get

Or clone the repo:

$ cd $GOPATH/src && mkdir -p && cd && git clone git://

Change into the project directory:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/

Deploy broker using Helm

Deploy with Helm and pass custom image and tag name. Note: This also pushes the generated image with docker.

$ IMAGE=myimage TAG=latest make push deploy-helm

Deploy broker using Openshift

Deploy to OpenShift cluster by passing a custom image and tag name. Note: You must already be logged into an OpenShift cluster. This also pushes the generated image with docker.

$ IMAGE=myimage TAG=latest make push deploy-openshift

Running either of these flavors of deploy targets will build the broker binary, build the image, deploy the broker into your Kubernetes, and add a ClusterServiceBroker to the service-catalog.

Adding your business logic

To implement your broker, you fill out just a few methods and types in pkg/broker package:

  • The Options type, which holds options for the broker
  • The AddFlags function, which adds CLI flags for an Options
  • The methods of the BusinessLogic type, which implements the broker's business logic
  • The NewBusinessLogic function, which creates a BusinessLogic from the Options the program is run with

Goals of this project

  • Make it extremely easy to create a new broker
  • Have a batteries-included experience that gives you the good stuff right out of the box, for example:
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