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[Nailgun][1] is server that preloads JVM so no need to load JVM on each request.
nailgun is a ruby wrapper of nailgun server and it's command.
Make sure before installing You have to set **classpath environment variable**
which is point to jre/lib path.
<code>./script/plugin install git://</code>
These are the default settings which can be overwritten in your enviroment configuration file:
Nailgun::NailgunConfig.options =
:java_bin => "java",
:server_address =>'localhost',
To start nailgun server(if you want you can overwrite default configuration)
<code> script/nailgun start</code>
To stop nailgun server
<code>script/nailgun stop</code>
To add client side jar
<code>Nailgun::NgCommand.ng_cp(absolute jar path)</code>
To create alias of class
<code>Nailgun::NgCommand.ng_alias(alias name,class name)</code>
Make sure that class name is exist in client side jar path and its contain main
To easy to use nailgun server best way is combine all jar to make one jar
Copyright (c) 2010 [amardaxini][1], released under the MIT license