An old, unmaintained, lucene queryparser that allows for complex boolean/position queries. It's a bit of a kitchen sink, it's a bit of a wildling, but it does what it does.
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What is it?

I wrote this query parser a few years back with the goal of creating something
that could handle sentence/paragraph within n proximity searches, somewhat 
mimic legacy query syntaxes, allow a mix of proximity and boolean clauses 
(eg {mark | miller} 'within 3 words of' toast), and properly handle
precedence of operators in a configurable manner. Qsol can be pretty powerful
in that regard, but the code base is rather intense for a QueryParser and I 
haven’t waded into it for some time now – other than for the occasional bug 
fix. Most of the users of Qsol have rather niche requirements when it comes to 
a QueryParser. Qsol is configurable up the wahzoo.

I saw that someone ported part of Qsol to Solr a while back, but I’m not sure 
how far along that patch is.

Where is the Changes History?

I wondered this myself. Then in the old svn repo I managed to dig qsol out of,
I found the following commit comment:

"This import replaces the old, the old having been defeated during the latter 
part of its short life. The old changes are lost forever, but the new is
better in any case."