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/* CLIView.h Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Philippe Mougin. */
/* This software is open source. See the license. */
/* CLIView is the public API for a Command Line Interface component.*/
#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
@interface CLIView : NSView
id commandHandler; // fake outlet for easy parsing in interface builder. The real commandHandler
// instance variable is inside ShellView.
- (id)commandHandler; // Return the current command handler.
- (CGFloat)fontSize; // Return the font size.
- (void)notifyUser:(NSString *)message; // Point the message to the attention of the user
- (void)putCommand:(NSString *)command; // A programmatic way to put a command in the CLI view.
- (void)putText:(NSString *)text; // Put the text passed as argument in the CLIView.
// Typically, you use this method to show the user the result of his last command.
- (void)setCommandHandler:handler; // Set the command handler.
- (void)setShouldRetainCommandHandler:(BOOL)shouldRetain; // Set whether the command handler should be retained or not by the CLIView.
// By default, the command handler is retained.
- (void)setFontSize:(CGFloat)theSize; // Set the font size.
- (BOOL)shouldRetainCommandHandler; // Return YES if the command handler is retained, NO otherwise.
- (void)showErrorRange:(NSRange)range; // Highlights a part of the last command entered by the user. The range is relative
// to the start of the considered command. You must call this method before putting
// any text (with -putText:) after the user entered his command.
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