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A GUI Ruby REPL, a graphical alternative to irb.

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Troshka is an GUI Ruby console. It's an alternative to irb and other Ruby REPLs. Troshka is written in Ruby and GUI uses Qt bindings.

Troshka is inspired in related projects like wxirb, ripl and hotwire.


Troshka 0.1.0

Troshka 0.1.0


  • Code autocompletion (thanks to Bond).
  • Multiline input.
  • Ruby syntax highlight (if QScintilla is found).
  • Code folding (if QScintilla is found).
  • Show array/hash objects like a tree.
  • Properties panel.


QScintilla and Bond are not a requeriment anymore but they are very recommended.


gem install troshka


(Ctrl + Enter) Eval code.

(Ctrl + Space) Autocompletion.

If you double click a code item in output list, code will be copied to code area. It's some kind of history feature.

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