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RE stuff

  • blog post:
  • The LiveNovel documentation is available on rtfd
  • Ghidra project (last updated 2018.04.08) available here for RE purposes
    • live.dll: LM3 live.dll (not RE'd)
    • LiveNovel.exe: most recent LM3 LiveNovel.exe (not really RE'd, but contains symbols imported from IDR)
    • lm3_tpword_117: LM3/LiveNovel interpreter exe I used to RE everything for pylivemaker, not the most recent LM3 ver, but probably close enough, interpreter supports max TpWord (LiveNovel) version 117. Everything significant mostly RE'd, contains symbols imported from IDR, functions related to parsing and writing .lsb files and archive format also labeled, contains ghidra structures for the LiveNovel script relevant class types
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