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A set of overrides to existing JavaScript functions that take callbacks, which will log an error if an exception is thrown during the invocation of the callback.

This is aimed primarily for mobile browser engines.

the problem

On the desktop today, to track down runtime exceptions that are occurring in your JavaScript code, it's fairly easy to bring up a "web debugger" like Web Inspector or FireBug, and have it show you where the error occurred.

For mobile platforms, well, we have a problem, because we don't have robust JavaScript debug capability available. In fact, often, you have no idea that any runtime error occurred at all, besides the sneaking feeling that your application "just isn't working right".

some help

In lieu of this missing function, there's this library. It instruments a number of built-in JavaScript functions which take callbacks, and will run those callbacks in a try/catch. It will then report the exception to you via console.log(). In addition, it will display a little bit of context about the function invocation that specified the callback, as this may help you further narrow down the problem.

For instance, if you open the file test/tests.html in a browser, and click on the button setTimeout, it will run a setTimeout() function with a callback that causes a runtime exception. You should then see the following in the console:

exception executing callback: TypeError: Cannot set property 'x' of null
    callsite:   setTimeout(callbackWithError, 500)
    stacktrace follows
TypeError: Cannot set property 'x' of null
    at functionThatThrowsError (http://example.com/log-callback-error/test/tests.js:80:9)
    at callbackWithError (http://example.com/log-callback-error/test/tests.js:74:5)
    at http://example.com/log-callback-error/log-callback-error.js:65:21

Note that you'll only see the stacktrace if your browser supports the stack property on exceptions (at least Opera and V8-enabled browsers; Safari flavors do not yet support the stack property).

The stacktrace is the stack at the time the exception occurred.

The second line of the output, labelled with callsite, is the context of the call. It provides some information about how the callback was initially registered. In the case above, it provides the name of the callback function registered, along with the timeout millisecond value.


Add the line

<script src="log-callback-error.js"></script>

before any other JavaScript files in your HTML files.

functions overridden

The following functions are overridden to provide the exception callback handling:


The Node.prototype.addEventListener() override applies to all DOM nodes, including document. The XMLHttpRequest flavor applies to all XHR requests.

Specifically note, these are the only things overridden. Need more? Fork, add, push.

It seems likely that the onblahblah flavored event properties will never be supported, because the DOM host objects suck.