Serverless service to showcase Kinesis stream support
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Serverless Kinesis streams

Serverless service to showcase Kinesis stream support.


Make sure that you use Serverless v1.

  1. Run serverless install --url to install the service in your current working directory
  2. Next up cd into the service with cd serverless-kinesis-streams
  3. Run npm install
  4. Create a new Kinesis stream called data-receiver
  5. Update the stream ARN property in the serverless.yml file with the stream ARN of your data-receiver stream
  6. Deploy with serverless deploy

How to use

  1. Run serverless invoke --function dataReceiver --path event.json to send data to the Kinesis stream
  2. Run serverless logs --function logger to see the which data was send to the Kinesis date-receiver stream

AWS services used

  • Lambda
  • Kinesis