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title: Events
%p We've found <strong>#{site.sessions.length}</strong> upcoming sessions about JBoss Developer Framework (courtesy <a href=""></a>). If you know of an upcoming session taking place that's not shown here, please add it to to help promote it.
Subscribe to this calendar via:
%a{:href=>"#{site.base_url.gsub('http://', 'webcal://')}/events/jdf.ics"} Desktop Client
%a{:href=>"{site.base_url.gsub(':', '%3A')}/events/jdf.ics"} Google Calendar
%a{:href=>'jdf.ics'} Manual Setup
- for session in site.sessions
.date= session.start_datetime.strftime('<abbr>%b</abbr> %d <div class="year">%Y</div>')
%a{:href=>session.detail_url}= session.title
#{session.start_datetime.strftime('%a, %b %d, %Y - %I:%M%p')} to #{session.end_datetime.strftime('%I:%M%p')} #{session.timezone}
%a{:href=>session.event_url}= session.event
in #{session.event_location}
= session.description
- if !session.speakers.empty?
%strong Speakers:&#32;
- for speaker in session.speakers
%a{:href=>"{speaker['username']}/"}>= speaker['name']
= ',&#32;' unless speaker == session.speakers.last
//%h2 Arquillian Roadies
//%p Below are a list of upcoming speaking events for the members of the Arquillian team.
//- site.identities.speakers.each do |identity|
// %h3
// %img{:src=>identity.avatar_url(48), :alt=>, :style=>'vertical-align: middle; border: 3px double #ccc;'}
// =
// .lanyrd-target-splat
// %a.lanyrd-splat.lanyrd-template-detailed{ :href=>identity.lanyrd.profile_url, :rel=>'me' } See all of #{}'s upcoming appearances &raquo;