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JSR107 (JCache) API/SPI


JCache is the API and SPI from from JSR107. It defines a standard Java Caching API for use by developers and a standard SPI ("Service Provider Interface") for use by implementers.


The stable releases of this software are tagged with version numbers, starting with 0.1. Eventually, when the specification is further along releases will match the specification number.


  • CacheManager
  • Cache

Building From Source

mvn clean install

Mailing list

Please join the mailing list if you're interested in using or developing the software:


We will be using the #jsr107 channel on Freenode for chat.

We also have set up a commit hook which publishes commits to the channel.

Issue tracker

Please log issues to:


Right now contribution is limited to the Expert Group, but as we go along we will open it up.


This software is provided under an Apache 2 open source license, read the LICENSE.txt file for details.


This free, open source software was made possible by the JSR107 Expert Group who put many hours of hard work into it. See the CONTRIBUTORS.markdown file for details.


Copyright (c) JSR107 Expert Group