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JBoss AS Quickstarts

Quickstarts (or examples, or samples) for JBoss AS. There are a number of rules for quickstarts:

  • Each quickstart should have a unique name, this enables a user to quickly identify each quickstart
  • A quickstart should have a simple build that the user can quickly understand. If using maven it should:
    1. Not inherit from another POM
    2. Import the various BOMs from AS7 APIs to get version numbers
    3. Use the JBoss AS Maven Plugin to deploy the example
  • The quickstart should be importable into JBoss Tools and deployable there
  • The quickstart should be explained in detail in the associated user guide, including how to deploy

You can find the documentation at

If you add a quickstart, don't forget to update dist/src/main/assembly/

The 'dist' folder contains Maven scripts to build a zip of the quickstarts.

The quickstart code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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