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ODisco is a library for implementing Disco map-reduce jobs in OCaml.
It implements the Disco worker protocol, and provides the plumbing to
connect user-specified computations to Disco data sources and results.
The library has the following dependencies:
. ocaml 3.12.0 or later
. ocaml-findlib (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora) / godi-findlib (Godi) / findlib (Gentoo, source)
. libzip-ocaml-dev (Debian/Ubuntu) / ocaml-zip (Fedora) / godi-zip (Godi) / camlzip (Gentoo, source)
. Disco 0.4 or later (
. sonet
This is a simple asynchronous networking library for OCaml.
$ git clone git://
$ cd sonet && make install
To uninstall:
$ cd sonet && make uninstall
$ make
$ make install
$ make uninstall
. Write a module implementing the lib/ interface. Pass
this module to Worker.start in your main program. See
tests/ for an example.
Read the documentation in lib/task.mli and lib/worker.mli for more
. Build it and link to the ODisco library. See tests/Makefile for an
example build.
. Submit your compiled executable to Disco using 'disco job'.
For example, to do a word count on a large text file:
$ make -C tests
$ wget -O /tmp/bigfile.txt
$ ddfs push text /tmp/bigfile.txt
$ ddfs blobs text \
| disco job -m -r -p ocamlwc tests/test_install_task \
| xargs disco wait \
| xargs ddfs cat
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