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Title Menu Free Play Race to the Edge Crazy Courier


Arduboy large open-world procedurally generated city motorcycle game with 3 play modes.

  • The city is 256x256 blocks with each block being 64x64 tiles and each tile is 8x8 pixels.
  • Assuming a block is 100m, then the random city is about the size of El Paso, TX
    • 100m/block * 256 block = 25.6km ~= 15.9 miles
    • (15.9 miles)2 = 252.8 miles2
    • El Paso is about 255.2 miles2
  • The city is generated from a random seed. But a given seed will always produce the exact same city.
    • The underlying algorithm uses an LFSR (linear feedback shift register) for the random element, but for a given seed the sequence is always the same.
    • Currently using a 20-bit LFSR (4 bits for a block x 256 blocks wide x 256 block high -> 20 bits.
    • Could easily use larger LFSR for larger maps. (32 bits would allow a 16k by 16k city with 4 bit blocks)


  • Left/Right buttons turn
  • B button accelerates each time it is pressed
  • A button brakes each time it is pressed
  • Going off road will stop the motorcycle. To get back on the road, press B repeatedly.
  • Holding the Down button and pressing A will pause the game and allow the player to resume or exit.

Game Modes

  • Free Play - expore the city at your own pace.
  • Race to the Edge - start out in the middle of the city and try to reach any edge as fast as you can.
    • Fastest times are stored along with the map seed so you can try to beat your record or get share your seed with a friend to see if they can do better.
  • Crazy Courier - pick up randomly placed packages. The faster you pick them up, the more points you get. But if the timer reaches zero, its game over.
    • Highest scores are saved along with the map seed.

Other Features

  • Records - see the fastest Edge Race time or highest Crazy Courier score.
  • View Map - scroll through the mini-map to see how the map is laid out. Also allows you to change the seed.
  • Help - brief description of controls and games.


Arduboy motorcycle game with randomly generated world







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