Python library for reading and writing warc files, and processing their contents through Apache Tika
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warctika: Python library for processing WARC files through Apache Tika

This library is designed to handle web crawl data fetched using the Heritrix web crawler (or other tools producing WARC files), extract the plain text from structured formats and resave the data as WARC "conversion" records.

The primary use for this tool is to extract text from webcrawl data sets for use in machine learning and supervised classification work.

WARC (Web ARChive) is a file format for storing web crawls:

This library was originally based upon the "warc" library by the Internet Archive and others, but now relies upon the hanzo warctools and has no code in common with the original library.

The hanzo library which this code is dependent upon can be installed with 'pip install warctools'. Beware that there are several old versions floating around under different names in the index.


This software is licensed under GPL v2 or later. See LICENSE file for details. The contents of the file are derived directly from Hanzo warctools code and can be used under the terms of the MIT license.


The formally-released versions of this library have been assigned DOIs for citation purposes.