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  • Rename the CSS
  • Rewrite the demo page
  • Upload the demo/licensing to my site
  • Add instructions
  • Rename project, and remove all references to jQuery
  • Tests..? Hard to do for this + diminishing return



A terminal emulator for making command consoles written in vanilla JavaScript, originally written in jQuery as jquery-console. In addition to removing jQuery, I have removed all inline JS, and inline CSS styles, so this library will still work even with strict Content Security Policies.

See LICENSE for the license.


For a list of examples, see the demo file, and for a live demo, see live demo on my home page.

Simple example:

var container = document.createElement('div');
container.className = 'console';
var controller = window.makeConsole(container, {
  promptLabel: 'Demo> ',
    if (line == "") return false;
    else return true;
      return [{msg:"=> [12,42]",
              {msg:":: [a]",
     // Let you type until you press a-z
     // Never allow zero.
     return !line.match(/[a-z]+/) && keycode != '0'.charCodeAt(0);

Some CSS for your console:

div.console { font-size: 14px }
div.console div.js-console-inner
 { width:900px; height:200px; background:#333; padding:0.5em;
   overflow:auto }
div.console div.js-console-prompt-box
 { color:#fff; font-family:monospace; }
div.console div.js-console-focus span.js-console-cursor
 { background:#fefefe; color:#333; font-weight:bold }
div.console div.js-console-message-error
 { color:#ef0505; font-family:sans-serif; font-weight:bold;
   padding:0.1em; }
div.console div.js-console-message-value
 { color:#1ad027; font-family:monospace;
   padding:0.1em; }
div.console div.js-console-message-type
 { color:#52666f; font-family:monospace;
   padding:0.1em; }
div.console span.js-console-prompt-label { font-weight:bold }

Usage options

Here are options which can be passed to console:

Option Type Description
autofocus bool Autofocus the terminal, rather than having to click on it.
promptHistory bool Provide history support (kind of crappy, needs doing properly.)
historyPreserveColumn bool Preserve the column you were one when switching between history.
welcomeMessage string Just a first message to display on the terminal.
promptLabel string Prompt string like 'JavaScript> '.
cols integer The number of cols, this value is only used by the command completion to format the list of results.
commandValidate function When user hits return, validate whether to trigger commandHandle and re-prompt.
commandHandle function Handle the command line, return a string, boolean, or list of {msg:"foo",className:"my-css-class"}. commandHandle(line,report) is called. Report function is for you to report a result of the command asynchronously.
completeHandle function Handle the command completion when the tab key is pressed. It returns a list of string completion suffixes.
completeIssuer function Handle the command completion when the tab key is pressed. It differs from 'completeHandle'. 'completeIssuer' will just trigger the calculation for completion, and the result is returned asynchronously, after which the controller's 'showCompletion(promptText, completions)' can be invoked with the result. 'completeHandle' will retrieve the result synchronously, and show the result. If 'completeHandle' exists, 'completeIssuer' is ignored. A typical usage of 'completeIssuer' is that the completion is retrieved from the server using ajax or WebSocket asynchronously.
animateScroll bool Whether to animate the scroll to top. Currently disabled.
charInsertTrigger function Predicate for whether to allow character insertion. charInsertTrigger(char,line) is called.
cancelHandle function Handle a user-signaled interrupt.
fadeOnReset bool Whether to trigger a fade in/out when the console is reset. Defaults to true.
globalCapture bool If the entire document is used to focus the console. Deafult false.
autocompleteSmart bool When enabled, the autocomplete will not expect suffixes, but instead possible completion options, and when matched will replace the last prefixable argument with the matching option. Example: cat wo<tab> with the single complete option wow.txt, will result in cat wow.txt when this setting is enabled, otherwise the result will be cat wowow.txt. Default false.

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