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Exploring YouTube recommendations

Where does YouTube's recommendation algorithm bring the user if he follows the recommendations? This robot follows the recommendations on YouTube from a given search query to find out where they bring you. After searching on YouTube and following the recommendations, it prints the 50 most recommended videos.


To install the project's python dependencies, you can use pip:

pip install -r requirements

Used dependencies:

Example of usage:

python2.7 --query="global warming,vaccines,nasa" --searches=4 --branch=4 --depth=4 --name="science"

  • --query: query that is made on youtube
  • --searches: number of search results from the query to start with
  • --branch: branching factor = number of recommendations that are followed
  • --name: name under which it will be saved
  • --alltime: add this option if you want to start from the most viewed videos for the query (using the option filter by viewcount on youtube)