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Never wonder what's running on your servers again.


After you (or a colleague) has deployed to Heroku, it can be tricky to tell what version (branch, commit, or what-have-you) of your app is running. Ripcord tells you, so you'll never have to ask again.

Ripcord running in the wild


Setup is easy. You can run your own Ripcord on Heroku for free.

Clone it.

git clone git://
cd ripcord

Create a Heroku app. Call it whatever you want. Replace i-love-carrots in all of the following instructions with whatever you decide to name it.

heroku apps:create --stack cedar i-love-carrots

Add MongoHQ's free version. (You'll need a verified Heroku account.)

heroku addons:add mongohq:free --app i-love-carrots

Deploy this bad boy.

git push heroku master

Tell all your other apps to phone home.

cd ../your-production-app
heroku addons:add deployhooks:http \
  url= --app your-production-app

Then head over to After the first time you redeploy your production app, you'll have the option of associating a GitHub repository with the Heroku application. Click add username/repository below your app name and fill it in with something like pnc/ripcord. Doing so will give you links to the commit diffs on GitHub and, when it can be determined, the remote branch that owns the commit.

Private Repositories

If your GitHub repository is private, you'll need to do two more things.

First, create an OAuth application on Git.

Replace i-love-carrots below with the name of your Heroku app.

  • Application Name: Whatever you want
  • Main URL:
  • Callback URL:

Tell your Ripcord app about the Client ID and Client Secret you'll see displayed after you hit "Create Application":

heroku config:add OAUTH_CLIENT_ID=id_from_github --app i-love-carrots
heroku config:add OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=secret_from_github --app i-love-carrots

Then, go to your Ripcord app and use the Authorize GitHub Account button to give Ripcord access to your private repo.

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