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Magento Responsive theme aka BOOTSTRAPPED

is implementation of code from twitter brothers and Magento e-Commerce platform.

When you connect, merge, mix or play with those 2 products, you get Magento Responsive theme aka BOOTSTRAPPED.

Demo Magento Store

Check out some action, do not hesitate to make test orders


You can preview how responsive is.

Setup Bootstrapped Theme in Magento Store

Download whole content and put in your public_html folder of Magento installation.

Navigate to design configuration in Magento admin panel and for theme package type "bootstrapped".

Twitter account

Keep up to date by following Magento Marathon, @magenthon.


Read more detailed on Magento Marathon Blog.


Vedran Subotic

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) 2012 Magenthon (

Licensed under the Academic Free License 3.0