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TinfoilHat is a httplib2_ extension that is more paranoid about input. It won't
allow downloading data from private IP ranges.
This library was inspired by, but is not yet as paranoid as, Perl's `LWPx::ParanoidAgent`_.
Example usage
TinfoilHat is a drop-in replacement for httplib2:
>>> import tinfoilhat
>>> client = tinfoilhat.Http()
>>> client.request('')
tinfoilhat.BlockedError: Host name is blocked
You can also specify an additional blacklist as a list of regular expressions:
>>> import tinfoilhat
>>> client = tinfoilhat.Http(blacklist=['83\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+'])
>>> client.request('')
tinfoilhat.BlockedError: Host name is blocked
Author & License
This library was created by `Patrice Neff`_ for initial use at Memonic_. It's
licensed under the `BSD License`_.
.. _httplib2:
.. _LWPX::ParanoidAgent:
.. _Patrice Neff:
.. _Memonic:
.. _BSD License:
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