Python WSGI framework to create REST web services
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WsgiService is a lean Python WSGI framework for very easy creation of REST

A REST service in this context is a HTTP service to be used by machines. So a
service should output something like XML, JSON or any other machine-readable


* Documentation:
* Package index page:


The primary guiding principle is that the actual service should be as easy and
small to write as possible. And here's what the WsgiService framework will do
for the developer:

* Abstract away error and status code handling
* Make it easy to create machine readable output
* Easily validate input
* Easy deployment using good configuration file handling
* Make testing easy
* Create usable REST API documentation from source
* Content negotiation to automatically use the correct output format

Just as important as what WsgiService tries to accomplish is what it will
never be:

* WsgiService is not planning to be a full-featured frontend framework. Use
  your existing framework of choice for that, e.g. Pylons.


* servicegen <>. The predecessor
  to WsgiService.