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Summary of the important changes per WsgiService release. To get the full
history use the commit log.
0.4.0: February 28, 2014
- Resource: automatically handle JSON input. If the JSON data is a
dictionary, then it is automatically passed into the methods, just like
URL parameters, GET data and POST data.
0.3.1: November 21, 2012
- Fix: Log all exceptions. There were some code paths where an exception
wouldn't be logged at all.
- Fix: Some typos in the log output have been corrected.
- Fix: Fix output of the `/_internal/help` resource.
0.3.0: January 17, 2012
- Upgrade WebOb requirement and support WebOb 1.1
- Resource: The `DECODE_PARAMS` option has been removed.
0.2.7: July 28, 2011
- Resource: remove illegal XML characters from XML output.
0.2.6: July 5, 2011
- Resource: The `expires` decorator accepts a new parameter `vary`. It can
be set to a list of header names that should be included in the `Vary`
response header.
0.2.5: November 3, 2010
- Resource: New option `DECODE_PARAMS` that can be used to turn off
URL-decoding of parameters.
0.2.4: May 18, 2010
- Resource: Make validation more robust for the case when value is a
unicode string.
- Resource: The decorator `validate` accepts a callable `convert` used to
convert the input string values to the data format required by the
- Status: Convert the Location argument for `raise_201` and others to a
- Status: Correctly handle generation of the Location header when the
current request contains an extension such as .json or .xml.
- License has been clarified and is BSD.
0.2.3: January 5, 2010
- Remove Content-Type header when there is no content in the response.
- xmlserializer: Move XML serialisation into a separate module.
- Output an error message in the body of 404 responses.
- Allow specifying of the encoding to be sent with the Content Type
reponse header.
- Make compatible with WebOb 0.9.7
0.2.2: July 29, 2009
- Resource: Fix XML output for unicode strings.
0.2.1: July 15, 2009
- Routing: Use extensions defined by resource in EXTENSION_MAP dictionary
instead of the hardcoded list of '.xml' and '.json'.
- Resource: Change EXTENSION_MAP to a list instead of a dictionary, so we
can rely on the order of entries. Breaks backwards-compatibility for
resources with a custom EXTENSION_MAP.
- Resource: Remove hard-coded setting of Content-Type and Content-MD5
response headers. Move into a new generic method set_response_headers
which in turn calls the two methods set_response_content_type and
set_response_content_md5. This allows for easier overwriting in
- Resource: Output valid XML when serializing lists. Each child is now
<child order="N"> instead of just <N> (where N is the array index).
- Help resource: Sort the resources by name, mark parameters with
validation rules as mandatory.
- Documentation: Add a lot of additional documentation. Document the
current state of HTTP implementation.
0.2: June 29, 2009
- Initial packaged release of WsgiService.