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Welcome to the python-whiteboard wiki!

“python-whiteboard” is a program for the gnu/linux platform whose purpose is to allow you to operate a low-cost electronic whiteboard, using a wiimote and an IR pen. It’s based on Johnny Chung Lee’s idea. See his page. Also, look at the wiimote project page.

There are alternatives to this application, if it does not meet your requirements: linux-whiteboard is developed in C++, and wiimote-whiteboard by Uwe Schmidt is written in JAVA.

Also, there exists another python program (developed around the same time as this one) called gtk wiimote whiteboard. You can find it here

Download the program

To download and try the program yourself, you’ll need linux compatible bluetooth hardware installed in your computer, and an IR pen.

If you’re using Ubuntu or debian, it’s rather easy: download the .deb package and install it (the install tool should install the dependencies, or at least inform you what packages do you need to install first).

You can obtain the latest (development) version using git. Then, install it directly:

$ git clone git://
$ cd python-whiteboard
$ make all
$ sudo make install

Or obtain the source directly.

Using python-whiteboard

Various programs you should try with python-whiteboard:

  • Ardesia helps you to make colored free-hand annotations with digital ink on your computer screen, record it and share on the network.
  • Phun is based on highly competitive technologies for interactive multiphysics simulation, ranging from novel physical models and variational integrators to high performance numerical methods
  • Open Sankoré is a free Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • Gimp
  • Cellwriter


All development is carried here, on github, in this public repository. Consider subscribing to the python-whiteboard development mailing list if you want to get development updates.

Feel free to register and submit opinions / suggestions / bugs.

Translation support is available. Drop a message if you’re interested.

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