simple examples of how to globalize your c/c++/python code
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This repository contains globalizing your code examples for C, C++ and Python
programming language.

The ex-basic or py-basic directory contains basic simple code written in C, C++
or Python language.

What you need to work on is
1) Count the total number of strings in the given code in ex-basic or py-basic
   directory. This is the code that contains no i18n or l10n

2) Next in ex-i18n or py-i18n directory, use the same basic code and try to add
   i18n functionality in it. We are using Gettext library for this excercise.
   Here, you just need to generate pot file.

3) Next in ex-l10n or py-l10n directory, use the same i18n added code and try
   to generate required po files. Then add translations to these po files.
   Here we can either directly copy pot file as po file for any language or we
   can use msginit command to generate that po file.

4) To have a complete globalized code, go to ex-g11n or py-g11n directory and
   create a directory structure that matches to the path given in bindtextdomain
   function. The textdomain is the domain e.g. the application name.

   Now once everything is in place, just run the code and check translations in
   the added translations language.