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JEB C Emulator

Plugin to emulate JEB's decompiled C code:

  • It was originally built to analyze an heavily obfuscated crackme executable dubbed MarsAnalytica (see companion blog)

  • Emulator has some strong limitations and should serve primarily as an example of what is doable with JEB decompiled C code (see for known limitations)

  • Emulator can be extended by adding specific logic in a class inheriting from SimpleCEmulator (see for example

  • /data repository contains an extract of MArsAnalytica's stack machine trace, and python scripts to replay it with symbols rather than concrete input, and to solve it using Z3

Running it


  • You need JEB version 4.0 or above
  • Copy emulator Jar from the out/ folder to your JEB's coreplugins/ folder
  • In JEB UI, File > Plugins > Execute an Engines Plugin > CEmulator


  • The plugin comes with a headless client, made to gather long emulator runs, with the ability to provide heap/stack memory dumps as starting point; see for possible arguments

  • To run headless client: java -cp CEmulatorPlugin-1.0.0.jar;[JEB INSTALL FOLDER]\bin\app\jeb.jar;. com.pnf.plugin.cemulator.HeadlessClient [ARGUMENTS]