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#?description=Show how the Java AST API can be used to modify and create elements in a decompiled syntax tree
import time
from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.client.api import IScript
from import IJavaSourceUnit
Sample script for JEB Decompiler.
Open an APK/DEX, decompile any class or method; in the Decompiled view, position the caret somewhere in a method.
Execute the script.
The script shows how to use the Java factory to create an external method reference (also available for fields),
create a new statement (here, a call to 'new String("...")'), and replace an arbitrary selected statement
(index 0 in the currently selected method) by the new statement.
class JavaASTCreateMethodRef(IScript):
def run(self, ctx):
# retrieve the currently active UI fragment (make sure to select a Decompiled Java fragment)
f = ctx.getFocusedFragment()
assert f, 'Need a focused fragment'
unit = f.getUnit()
assert isinstance(unit, IJavaSourceUnit), 'Need a java unit'
addr = f.getActiveAddress()
# IDexDecompilerUnit
dexdec = unit.getParent()
pos = addr.find('+')
if pos >= 0: addr = addr[:pos]
# retrieve the already decompiled IJavaMethod on caret
_m = dexdec.getMethod(addr)
# method body...
_blk = _m.getBody()
# we pick the first statement
_stm0 = _blk.get(0)
print('Will replace statement: "%s"' % _stm0)
# IJavaFactories
self.jfactory = unit.getFactories()
# now, replace that first method statement by a call to 'new String("...")'
if self.replaceStatement(_blk, _stm0):
def replaceStatement(self, parent, e):
m = self.jfactory.createMethodReference('Ljava/lang/String;-><init>(Ljava/lang/String;)V', False)
t = self.jfactory.getTypeFactory().createType('Ljava/lang/String;')
args = [self.jfactory.getConstantFactory().createString('FOOBAR__' + str(time.time()))]
stm = self.jfactory.createNew(t, m, args)
return parent.replaceSubElement(e, stm)