Microsoft OLE Document Analyzer Plugin for JEB2
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JEB2 OLE Plugin

JEB2 Plugin for parsing Microsoft Compound Binary (OLE documents)

Notes to users

This plugin handles any parsing/io/format errors internally. It will parse as much as possible until an error is encountered, in which case parsing of the current stream will terminate and pre-failure results will be displayed.

Refer to the Notifications pane to view any issues encountered by the plugin while parsing the OLE document.

File type support

The plugin will attempt to determine the file type of any embedded OLE documents and will recursively process any embedded documents where possible.

As of now, PowerPoint stream parsing is still undergoing development. Excel stream parsing is complete and support for Word parsing is in the works.

Installation notes

Drop to the coreplugins/ folder. Depencies to be dropped in the coreplugins/lib/ folder: commons-codec-1.10.jar, commons-lang-2.6.jar, commons-lang3-3.3.2.jar, commons-logging-1.2.jar.

Authored By: Carlos Gonzales