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afe26e4 May 23, 2016
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Sample UI client script for PNF Software' JEB2.
This script is a JEB2 API port of the original JEB1 script ''
Its purpose is to decrypt the strings protected by (older versions of) DexGuard-protected
More details can be found here:
Refer to SCRIPTS.TXT for more information.
from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.client.api import IScript, IGraphicalClientContext
from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core import RuntimeProjectUtil
from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core.actions import Actions, ActionContext, ActionXrefsData
from import JebEvent, J
from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core.output import AbstractUnitRepresentation, UnitRepresentationAdapter
from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core.units.code import ICodeUnit, ICodeItem
from import IJavaSourceUnit, IJavaStaticField, IJavaNewArray, IJavaConstant, IJavaCall, IJavaField, IJavaMethod, IJavaClass
class JEB2JavaASTDecryptStrings(IScript):
def run(self, ctx):
engctx = ctx.getEnginesContext()
if not engctx:
print('Back-end engines not initialized')
projects = engctx.getProjects()
if not projects:
print('There is no opened project')
prj = projects[0]
print('Decompiling code units of %s...' % prj)
self.codeUnit = RuntimeProjectUtil.findUnitsByType(prj, ICodeUnit, False)[0]
# the encryption keys could be determined by analyzing the decryption method
self.targetClass = 'MainActivity'
self.keys = [409, 62, -8]
# enumerate the decompiled classes, find and process the target class
units = RuntimeProjectUtil.findUnitsByType(prj, IJavaSourceUnit, False)
for unit in units:
javaClass = unit.getClassElement()
if javaClass.getName().find(self.targetClass) >= 0:
self.cstbuilder = unit.getFactories().getConstantFactory()
if self.processClass(javaClass):
# let client code know about those changes
def processClass(self, javaClass):
self.mname_decrypt = None
self.encbytes = []
wanted_flags = ICodeItem.FLAG_PRIVATE|ICodeItem.FLAG_STATIC|ICodeItem.FLAG_FINAL
for javaField in javaClass.getFields():
fsig = javaField.getSignature()
if fsig.endswith(':[B'):
# retrieve the DEX unit field
f = self.codeUnit.getField(fsig)
if f and f.getGenericFlags() & wanted_flags == wanted_flags:
print('Found field: %s' % fsig)
for address in self.getMethodRefs(self.codeUnit, f.getItemId()):
if address.find('<clinit>') < 0:
self.mname_decrypt = address
# resume processing the AST class item
for m2 in javaClass.getMethods():
if m2.getName() == '<clinit>':
s0 = m2.getBody().get(0)
if isinstance(s0.getLeft(), IJavaStaticField) and s0.getLeft().getField().getSignature() == f.getSignature(True):
array = s0.getRight()
if isinstance(array, IJavaNewArray):
for v in array .getInitialValues():
if len(self.encbytes) == 0:
print('Encrypted strings byte array not found')
return False
print('%d bytes of encrypted data' % len(self.encbytes))
if not self.mname_decrypt:
print('Decryption method not found')
return False
print('Decryption routine: %s' % self.mname_decrypt)
for javaMethod in javaClass.getMethods():
print('Decrypting strings in method: %s' % javaMethod.getName())
return True
def getMethodRefs(self, unit, itemId):
r = []
data = ActionXrefsData()
# careful, with query-type actions, the data is returned after the action prep'
if unit.prepareExecution(ActionContext(unit, Actions.QUERY_XREFS, itemId, None), data):
# clean up the DEX address, extrac the method name
for a in data.getAddresses():
i = a.find('->') + 2
j = a.find('(', i)
return r
def decryptMethodStrings(self, javaMethod):
block = javaMethod.getBody()
i = 0
while i < block.size():
stm = block.get(i)
self.checkElement(block, stm)
i += 1
def checkElement(self, parent, e):
if isinstance(e, IJavaCall):
mname = e.getMethod().getName()
if mname == self.mname_decrypt:
v = []
for arg in e.getArguments():
if isinstance(arg, IJavaConstant):
if len(v) == 3:
decrypted_string = self.decrypt(v[0], v[1], v[2])
parent.replaceSubElement(e, self.cstbuilder.createString(decrypted_string))
print ' Decrypted string: %s' % repr(decrypted_string)
for subelt in e.getSubElements():
if isinstance(subelt, IJavaClass) or isinstance(subelt, IJavaField) or isinstance(subelt, IJavaMethod):
self.checkElement(e, subelt)
def decrypt(self, length, curChar, pos):
length += self.keys[0]
curChar += self.keys[1]
r = ''
for i in range(length):
r += chr(curChar & 0xFF)
if pos >= len(self.encbytes):
curEncodedChar = self.encbytes[pos]
pos += 1
curChar = curChar + curEncodedChar + self.keys[2]
return r